Digital Storytelling

Does your brand story resonate with your audience?

Be something people talk about

Competitive advantage

Other brands can compete with you in quality, in price, in gimmicks. But once you have created a unique story around your brand you have something that nobody can compete with you in. This is where the majority of your perceived value is created.

Relate to people

It is important to understand your audience and speak a language they understand. By applying an anthropological approach we craft your story in such a way that your audience will relate to and understand. And your message will come across in a more powerful way.

Be remembered

People don't remember what you do or what you say. They remember how you make them feel. Creating an emotional connection with your audience sticks with them. Adding elements that really stand out makes your brand top of mind - and staying there.

Brand Ambassadors

When you manage to really connect with people you do not only get loyal customers, but also brand ambassadors. People that will stand both advocate for your brand and share your story, as well as stand up for your brand when it is being criticised.

The Power of Storytelling


Social media is an intergrated part of any storytelling today. That is where the word spreads faster than anywhere else and important to have a comprehensive strategy for the interweaving of traditional communication channels and the digital channels. A well executed strategy will simultaneously deliver both coverage in mass media, buzz on social media and a strong impact on SEO.


We have worked with a number of companies of all types and sizes on the integration of storytelling and digital in their communication strategies with excellent results. The most famous example is the "last McDonalds in Iceland", a 7 year old McDonalds cheeseburger that was bought a day before the last McDonalds closed down in Iceland and is now on display at Bus Hostel Reykjavik - both "in the flesh" as on live webfeed. The story got global coverage and provided links from all over the world, delivering millions of visitors to the website and - more importantly - securing them top ranking on search engines in a very short amount of time. All white hat and legit.


Social Media Play Books


We provide our clients with social media playbooks for their employers. These playbooks play a key role in ensuring the right stories are being distributed in social media and that your employees understand the role of social media in the reputation and branding of the company. A good playbook offers your employees guidance on the right etiquette and crisis management to avoid unfortunate incidents on social media which can quickly escalate out of control.

Blogger Campaigns

We design blogger campaigns and execute them with the correct selection of bloggers and the right setup of the experience to ensure the best results for both the client and the blogger. Choosing the bloggers with the right audience, making sure they have an experience they themselves enjoy and execute a campaign beyond just their visit makes all the difference on what you get out of your cooperation with bloggers. We have been part of the development of the blogger industry and developed an extensive network of top bloggers and content producers, in particular within the world of travel blogging.


Our campaigns are always run with integrated PR and SEO elements that support each other and deliver results both editors and search engines love. Designing your campaign with all elements in mind makes sure you get the maximum exposure and impact for your investment





Kin hired Hjörtur to lead the production of our expedition for Nokia in Iceland. The mix of his knowledge of Iceland; interpretation of our ideas; and sense of adventure, pushed us every day. If it wasn't for Hjörtur it wouldn't be the project it is. Both Kin and Nokia owe him a lot. The film of the project received over 150,000 hits in the first weekend. I recommend anyone who is doing a project in Iceland (or anywhere Hjörtur is) to find a way to work with him.




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